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Welcome to the Rural Electricity Resource Council site!  RERC is a national association of electric companies, cooperatives, public power districts and allied groups.  Helping our members serve their rural customers is our primary goal.

We also have materials available for consumers and classroom teachers on energy efficiency, standby generators, electrical wiring, safety and other topics. Select “Our Products” above, then follow “Nonmember Shopping” to view each of these items. You can learn about each one, then purchase items on-line if you wish, using Visa or Master Card.

As a national center for knowledge on rural electricity topics, we want to assist you. General topics are discussed under the “Energy Use, Electrical Wiring and Safety” tab above. More specific information for rural power suppliers is provided through our member newsletter Electric Solutions and at our national conference each year. Visit the “About Us” tab for an explanation of what we do, and our 60-year history of helping electric power suppliers serve their rural consumers.

Reference on Wiring for Irrigation Systems
The updated third edition of Practical Irrigation Wiring is the most complete reference on electrical wiring and grounding for irrigation systems.

The book contains eight chapters on topics including:
Electric service configurations;
Sizing conductors properly;
Motor load calculations;
Code-approved wiring methods and materials;
Correct grounding techniques.

With 143 pages of illustrations and interpretations of the National Electrical Code, its the latest on the topic. Examples are used to clarify key concepts, along with practice questions at the end of each chapter. One example explains and illustrates how incorrect grounding can cause an electrocution.

Authored by expert and retired instructor Larry T. Smith, weve not seen any other reference that compares. Of particular interest to utilities are chapters dealing with electric service configurations. Dozens of illustrations clarify Code-mandated methods and wiring details.

This book is only available through RERC. To order or learn more, click the Our Products menu tab at the top of this page.
Generator Safety Video                                                           

Improperly connecting a standby generator into a building's electrical system carries lethal consequences.  Public education is essential for everyone's safety.

Order the five-minute video "Avoid Deadly Hazards, Use Generators Safely" as a clear and visual way to explain safe connections and procedures.  In particular, it describes how electricity can travel backwards through a home's electrical system and endanger others  unless proper switch gear is used.

  Developed jointly by the Energy Education Council and the Rural Electricity Resource Council, this five-minute program captures the essential education points and explains them in a way that consumers understand.

To learn more and order on-line, click the "Our Products" menu tab above.  Then go to the Electrical Wiring section.
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